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We had hail damage to our roof.ASI had terrible customer service and denied replacing our roof. Literally every house on our street had their roof replaced except us. The adjuster (Paul) was terrible and never returned phone calls. When it was turned over to a supervisor she never even gave us a call. I left her several messages. The date of loss was given as April 12 and they had the date of loss as May 31. That was the date of reporting the...
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American Strategic Insurance - Roof leak $2977 to repair. ASI never even went in attic to inspect rotten wood then came back with $500 only worth of damage
my home is for sale, potential buyer notices bathroom ceiling caving in.Sure enough I got a roof leak. Contractor says roof wood rotted, underlay, flashing, shingles and all that needs replaced, bathroom drywall replaced and painted. Cost is $2977 worth of damage. ASI sent someone to inspect damage. He never even bothered to get in the attic to see the damage. He only went on top of roof and in bathroom. They had the nerve to say only $500 of...
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Talk about giving a homeowner the shaft, my cement slab in my home formed cracks under carpet, nothing on outside patio, garage or sidewalk by house and nothing under tiled floors.They sent out a structural engineer and a another fella who I don't remember his title, one said he would send agent a report of his finding, never got one but agent sent me a letter saying it was earth movement so your screwed, I called this agent 2x's with no return...
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Anonymous Same here. I just got a the same movement. Two individuals came out and wrote up straight Bs. What dam earth movement??? AS I shady...don't paying entitled cl...